🚀We launched Create your event

Organize public and private
beer tastings.

Events of all sizes from a few friends that get together every few months to large gatherings at breweries.


Just so you know, if you sign up without an Untappd© account some features won't be available. You might be shunned like if you brought wine to a beer tasting.

All-in-one beer tasting platform

We'll cheers to this list of features.


Log in with your Untappd© account to enable extra menus features like ratings and check-ins.


You're in control of your tasting. You can limit the amount of attendee seats, count of beers and enable blind menus.


Invite your friends, customers or the public to your event.


Not just you hosting the event? You can add multiple hosts to an event so others can manage it.

Announcements Coming soon

Keep your attendees informed with event announcements.


Bringing a beer you made? You can add your homebrews to the menus as well.


Download a dump of the menu to a CSV.


Events are private by default so you can control who attends.


Open your event to the public and list it on our events page.

Groups Coming soon

Create a group of your friends to organize and share events with.

Friends Coming soon

Connect with your fellow drinkers.


iCal integration to import your events directly into your calendar on your iPhone, Google Calendar or others.